Sunday 23 April 2023
Newport Music Hall
Buy Tickets for Slaughter to Prevail at the Newport Music Hall

Slaughter to Prevail

Slaughter to Prevail, one of the world’s most brutal and extreme deathcore bands, is coming to the Newport Music Hall on Sunday, April 23rd, 2023. This is a show you do not want to miss!

Hailing from Russia, Slaughter to Prevail has been making a name for themselves since their inception in 2013. With their debut album, Misery Sermon, released in 2016, the band quickly gained a following thanks to their punishingly heavy music and their intense live shows.

Since then, the band has released a further two albums, both of which have only served to cement their reputation as one of the most brutal and extreme bands in the metal scene today. And if their recorded output is any indication, their live show is sure to be an even more intense and brutal affair.

So if you’re a fan of extreme metal, or just want to see one of the most intense live shows around, make sure to catch Slaughter to Prevail when they come to the Newport Music Hall on April 23rd, 2023. It’s sure to be a show you won’t soon forget!

Tickets to Slaughter to Prevail at the Newport Music Hall are selling fast, buy yours now whilst some are still available.

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